Best regards from Fumetto Comix Festival in Luzern, where we have a great time meeting Swiss collectors and artists from around the world. Small Press Heaven is a rich and very international event, with independent publishers from Australia, the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Belgium.

Some highlights of the event: the Dominique Goblet and Kai Pfeiffer exhibition, Pushwagner and Tardi, as well as the co-exhibitors Teiera Autoproduzioni / IT, Atelier OASP / FR, Strane Dizione / IT and the Israeli collective of Humdrum Comics.

It was a great event, thanks a lot to Andy Leuenberger for the invitation! Hopefully see you again next year!



This weekend Poste Aérienne is invited to present books, silkscreen-art and something more at the renowned Fumetto Festival at Luzern, Switzerland. You can find our artist group at Small Press Heaven at the Festivalcenter Kornschütte – thanks  to Andy Leuenberger!

We are really looking forward to meet you there!
Sa 14. 3., 10.00 – 20.00 + Su 15. 3., 10.00 – 18.00



New drawings from Adrian Wylezol.
These fantastic art works, all made in November, 
are telling stories in his
typical, sensitive and humorous style.



A new, three-part paper cut. Inspired by traditional chinese paper cuts and by the marvellous book “The History of Chinese Folk Paper-Cut Arts”, but above all from my current work as a Guest-Professor for Illustration/Digital Illustration at the Jishou University 
in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, VR China. 




Another few days you can take a look at the collages in the 

Here are three artworks from the serie of 40 paper collages 
„MASK or FACES“. They may serve as a demonstration 
of the fascinating effect of faces.



May be it would be nice to see some more artworks of the Supalife-exhibition in Berlin in detail. Here are four from above thirty colorful collages from Adrian Wylezol.  All pieces are nearly 20 x 30 cm. „Traumzeuge“, „Ghettoblaster!“ or „Hello, who are you“ for example are titles of his collages shown in the Supalife Kiosk until the end of September.



Please take a look at the „Kolla Collage“ Exhibition in Berlin. 
The Supalife Kiosk shows from August 9 through September 16 
handmade collages by Adrian Wylezol, C.POM 
and Mein Ex Onkel Andi.

Many thanks to Andreas Rauth, who wrote a textual 
introduction to this exhibition. It was a great time in Berlin,
thanks to everyone joining.



Working with paper cuts, the „drawing“ with scissor and cutter, leads to an ongoing interplay between line and object, inside and outside, black and white, positive and negative, light and shadow (good and evil?). Indeed a thrilling play with dualism!

Now I've finished a fine paper cut (original size 53 x 41 cm) for a forthcoming Poste Aérienne Book project. More informations soon!

- Dieter



Was ist eigentlich eine Graphic Novel? Bietet der Begriff vielleicht neue Möglichkeiten und Chancen um Geschichten zu erzählen und bildhaften Autorenschaften Freiraum zu geben? Werden dabei die narrativen Möglichkeiten einer Zeichnung – eines Bildes – unterschätzt? Oder ist der Begriff heute ausschließlich reines Marketingmittel?

Wissenschaftler, Zeichner (u.a. mit David von Bassewitz, Hannes Binder, Paula Bulling, Martin tom Dieck, Frank Flöthmann, Ute Helmbold, Dieter Jüdt, Judith Mall, Falk Nordmann),Verlagsvertreter und Feuilletonisten diskutieren zur Kultur des Erzählens mit Bildern vom 02.–04. Juli an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HBK) in Braunschweig. Das Programm zur Veranstaltung und weitere Infos findet man hier.

"What's actually a Graphic Novel?" A three-day Symposium takes place at the HBK, The Braunschweig University of Art, July 02nd-04th. Artists, scientist, publishers and journalists are invited to discuss new ways and chances in telling (and selling) picture-stories around the term "Graphic Novel". More informations here.


Förderpreis Junge Buchgestaltung 2014

Die Edition Mikrokosmos ist Teil der Longlist Förderpreis Junge Buchgestaltung 2014 der Stiftung Buchkunst. Damit gehört sie zu 20 ausgewählten Arbeiten aus 171 eingesendeten Titeln. Vielen Dank an alle teilnehmenden Illustratoren für ihre starke Arbeit!

Mikrokosmos makes part of the longlist Förderpreis Junge Buchgestaltung 2014 by the "Stiftung Buchkunst". Thanks to all 30 illustrators for the lovely work!

Poste Aérienne contributors

Guest contributors



A small selection of handmade collages for the active exhibition CONQUERING PLACES in Greifswald. Sizes of all collage cards are nearly 7 x 10 cm.

Kind regards



Our collective Poste Aérienne will exhibit on the artist bookfair Feuilles d’Art in Brussels this weekend - independent illustration, silkscreen prints and fresh little books:

Saturday and sunday - 15th-16h march
10h30 to 18h - See you there!



Some years ago Poste Aérienne started their first activities with the presentation of several handmade unique artist's books at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Artist's books got their very own tradition in the history of art and bookmaking. They are actually more an artist's statement, manifestation of a personal artistic position and exploration than a regular book publication.

Now you can find various handmade books by our group members, in different forms and sizes, on our new publication site. Impressive examples of experimental and conceptual book-design.



Hello there, a little more than two weeks ago I started a daily drawing project. It is very similar to a graphic journal, lots of the images are inspired by current or past experiences, images that strike me somehow in daily life, or fictional events.

On tumblr you can follow the full project:



Just three "H & G" graphics with limering emotions to the last 
Brothers Grimm Year 2013.  - 

  But now welcome to 2014! 

I wish you all a very successful and joyful new year with plenty of time for precious moments 
of drawing and encounters...


NOUVEAU CATALOGUE (électronique)

Our artist collective Poste Aérienne is now active for seven years.

At this celebration, we set up a new website with full catalogue of our print publications. It presents our main projects like the silkscreen Accordion Books or the Mikrokosmos Box, as well as all single books in varied shapes and sizes. 

Artist Books coming soon!

It has been a time of rich cooperations with a lot of German and international independent illustrators. We've had the opportunity to work with numerous excellent bookshops and galleries in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and the States - like Ivory Press Books / Supalife Kiosk / Last Gasp.

Poste Aérienne got to know great contemporary publishers like Media Vaca, lovely book and zine festivals like Grafixx, and of course - which is always a big pleasure - a lot of charming readers.

- Poste Aerienne