Winged Monkey (not winged yet)

I´m currently working on a submission for the
"Biester im Film" (Monsters in movies) contest from the
new illustration magazine Jitter, right after that
I´m going to work on a piece for the "Russen" (Russians)
exhibition our friends at Rotopol Press are showing
from 14 nov till 28 jan, and right after THAT I´m finishing
two illustrations for our "Lyrik für Kinder" (poems for kids)
exhibition at the Catholic Academy that we´re working
on at our current illustration class with Bernd Mölck-Tassel
and Dieter Böge (who just released their wonderful new book
"Was tun?!" ("What to do?") that deals with different jobs
and professions, here´s a little preview)), and after
THAT we´re preparing book projects and print dummies
for the then upcoming Bologna Childrens art fair
AND I´m going to submit three more "Lyrik für Kinder"
pieces for the contest that runs at the same time.

Now that´s a lot of text and a lot of links and lots and
lots to keep my hands busy. My lazy days are
officially over, it seems ;)

Frederik Jurk

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