Supalife proudly presents - SEVEN REASONS NOT TO TRAVEL

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Together with the Supalifekiosk we are preparing our first group exhibition in capital city Berlin. „Seven Reasons Not To Travel“ will show some fine work of our members Peter Hoffmann, Dieter Jüdt, Frederik Jurk, C. Pom, Max Ruf, Cleo Schwinkowski, Boris Servais and Adrian Wylezol. One part of the show will be a "group-silkscreen-poster" (see above), carefully printed by Olli Nerlich.

The exhibition at Supalifekiosk, Raumer Str. 40, Prenzlauer Berg, starts with the vernissage on Saturday 18th of July, 7 pm.

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  1. Great show & lovely to meet you yesterday, Dieter. See you at the Bruno Schulz festival in 2010!