Muscles versus motors

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This is my new promo illustration that´s
going to be printed on postcards and distributed
by the IO Illustratoren Organisation.

Ever since I started doing a lot of my illustrations
completely digital I was a bit torn between a
contour-based, "classic" drawing style and a
more spacious, flat color way of composing my
images. I think I now found a nice
middle course between using flat, bold colors
(which on their own can look a bit too digital)
and line-based accents, and adding contrast
by using a lot of darker tones over lighter
ones. I love being able to go deeper and deeper
into the details, pouring on little bits that
reward a second and third look.

The trike and kart were
the most fun part ;)



  1. Schöne abstrahierte Details, die Schweißtropfen, der Klang der Hupe...

  2. voll gute Illustrationen hier.