New Kids On The Blog

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I was a bit undecisive on what to do with
my "kids with animal masks" pieces I did a few weeks
ago - first the wolf on the kart and the pig on
the trike (boy, that sounds weird), followed by the
duckboy and the kid in the lion costume.

Since the Bologna childrens book fair is around the
corner and thankfully our school has later deadlines
for submissions for the exhibition that happens
parallel to the main fair, I thought that they looked
so nice in a group and made a fifth kid, the
boy with the raccoon mask on the far left.

I did some minor corrections on the older pieces,
most prominently a light yellowish paper tone (to
counteract the sometimes a bit harsh looking contrasts),
but I was surprised how well they fit together, considering
that I never really planned them to be a series.

In other news, here´s a pretty big piece I did for
a new exhibition at Rotopol in Kassel with
the topic "Secret Service". I was going a bit
crazy with the accesoires on this one, and it turned
out more like a mix between a spy, a policeman
and a cowboy. I´d say that this is one of the most
complex pieces I did till now (in terms of
layers and single elements). I wouldn´t want
everything I do to be this evolved, but I´m quite
happy with it. (Finally one of my drawings has some
sort of background - something I almost always have



  1. Also das Rotopol-Motiv könnte ich mir wunderbar als grosses Siebdruckplakat (A1?) vorstellen. Und wäre durch Rastern und Überdrucken ja sogar nahezu in zwei Farben druckbar!

  2. Vielleicht solltest du dir so eine Druckaktion selbst zu Weihnachten schencken...

  3. Great, Frederik! I found myself laughing out loud with joy when I saw the motifs in a row. Big time fun!

    Have a great day,