Watercolor Studies

Hi there,

I just tried to get started again with watercolor, which always has been a pleasure to work with and my NEMESIS at the same time. It feels so good when everything seems to naturally fall in place. And then nothing is as frustrating as a watercolor-painting that just doesn’t work out right, no matter what you try. Here are a few portraits I made here and there. I am not entirely lifting my skirt here, a few messups went straight to the garbage can.

By the way, I recently started working with an Intuos tablet (A5 wide) - feels great!

All the best,


  1. Watercolor!! Recently I found a fine new book about Hans Hillman (remember his book "Fliegenpapier"?) called "Hans Hillmann, Das visuelle Werk/The Visual Works". A nice publication with Hillmanns famous cinema-posters, some magazin-design-works and lot of his breathtaking watercolor-drawings. Highly recommended!

  2. Hi Dieter, thanks very much for the tip, I will check out the book as soon as I am back from my parents place. I remember we talked about Fliegenpapier, I am not sure I saw the actual book. Anyway, it is hard to get your fingers on any good watercolor-books, most of them are more the usual instructions for the casual painter... I always wanted to get me a copy of "Breaking The Rules Of Watercolor" by Burton Silverman, which I found very inspiring. Any other suggestions are very much appreciated!

    Have a great day and a successful year 2010,