I´m somehow obsessed with drawing sporty, indie
tattooed girls recently, and this is pretty much the culmination
of it. I also really love the "image within image" element
of giving my characters tattoos. I´m not really a tattoo
guy myself but I love the whole concept of it - 
illustrating the body, symbolizing things on the
most intimate thing you have.

Without giving away too much, I´m playing with
the idea of turning this into a book project for
my upcoming diploma - it´s also going to have
a sports theme, but again, details are classified
right now ;) 

Well, my diploma doesn´t have to be
finished till summer 2011, but that should give me
enough time to really think this through!



  1. This is one of your finest illustration, I think ! Even if they don't look like the sisters of Cocorosie they remind me of them.