new work from my illustrated dream diary, with some small layout improvements. A dream dated from 10.05.09 - exactly one year before the Fumetto Festival has taken place.

- some words about Fumetto -

First of all, this was a really exiting and interesting festival, with kindly organisation- and working-crews (I was also member of the working-crew). There were numerous well done exhibitions, with a lot of trivia about the shown artists. Especially I was impressed by the work of Chihoi Lee (from Hongkong) and Brecht Evens (Beligium), but less impressed how Brechts work was presented, in an otherwise perfect exhibition environment. It's a pity that his drawings were glued (without frames) directly on the wall. Some events like the awards or a drawing competition between Ben Jones and Brecht were also rather failed. The use of two badly prepared presenter, performing in a lurid TV-style, was not the best idea (not just in my opinion). But as a conclusion I‘ve to say, it was really worth to have been there - see you at the next festival!

Thanks a lot to the Fumetto Crew

- Adrian

PS: I met three artists, all from Berlin, at the festival which I appreciate very much. Gregor Hinz, currently based in Kiel, who has published a very funny travel diary via Leipzig publishing house „Die Bibliothek“. Great cartoonist Andy Leuenberger, with a fine exhibition at Fumetto (Metzgerhalle). And Juanita Keller - I like her work very much. Not to forget a very interesting projekt initially organized from Riga called „The Last Match“ - several artists work on small papers in size of a matchbox.

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  1. Hallo Adrian,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich noch zum ersten Preis beim Fumetto!

    Interessante Eindrücke vom Festival, Brecht Evens finde ich ebenfalls beeindruckend. witzig, Juanita habe ich vor 2 Jahren beim Comicseminar Erlangen kennengelernt!

    Bis bald und frohes Schaffen,