Freckles and Combs

Click for larger view. Larger view
means larger freckles!

I don´t just love to draw girls with tattoos,
I also love to draw girls with freckles, so here´s
a little summertime piece I did in one of my
notorious nightsessions. As usual, it turned out
completely different than I planned, and by "planned"
I mean "I just started drawing something and went
with whereever I was going with it". I´ve used color
a bit differently than I usually do - there´s a 
background color now!

Hey, you know what? You can click
on this to enlarge it as well!

And here´s another double page I did in the last couple
of days. I call it "Kammhund", which is a terrible
pun on "Kampfhund". At first I was struggling a lot
with this piece, especially the head, but as usual for
me the ending phase really turned things around a lot.
It´s interesting how my initial drawing phases
look very weird, and I just keep working on it
until it looks like something useful, and after
quite some time I really tighten it up.
This usually means that I´m only really
happy with it in the last 10% of my time working
on it - especially since I´m obsessed with
details, and at least for me these little things
make a huge difference on the expression
of my drawings.

I feel that whenever I have a lot of projects going on
is when I´m the most productive and in turn
the happiest. I really enjoy working on these
things like a maniac, up to the point when I
don´t even mind sitting in front of a computer
screen when it´s perfect sunshine outside
(at least I can do some balcony breaks or
go riding my old rusty bike from time to time).
I guess that confirms my long-time suspicion
that I´m a huge nerd, but I guess myself
and everybody else already knew this
all along.

See you later,

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