New monster studies

Some new drawings for a humoristic book about occultism,
ill will and strange creatures include this fellow:

Historians assume that elephant skulls could be at the origin
of the cyclops legend. These skulls have a hole in the front,
at the place of the trunk (elephant nose). Due to a lack of
anatomy knowledge, this hole was maybe interpreted as
cavity of the eye...

Regards, Boris


  1. Strange, I left a comment but it vansihed. So here is it again:

    "Fine project and fine drawing as well, Boris. Especially I like the aspect that the history of monsters and weird creatures is also a big story of misunderstanding, scientific misinterpretations - and human foolishness. Nevertheless, sometimes I think about to become a member of the International Society of Cryptozoology!"

  2. Some strange stuff again: Recently I rediscovered the music of famous Shimmy-Disc recordlabel. One of Kramers (= gifted musician, poducer and Shimmy-Disc labelowner) best acts was a bizarre musician (and painter) called "Dogbowl". On his second record you can find a nice piece that fits now like "the fist on one eye". Enjoy it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZzysvgLTnE