I´ve been so busy with searching for a
good dayjob that I completely forgot to
contribute to our beautiful blog!

Thankfully all our other members have
been making up for it with all their
exceptionless great work.

So I´m just dumping a few of my new
pieces from late 2010, early 2011
in here for your viewing pleasure.

I´ve even started sketching more again - one thing
I´ve been really missing without realizing it. I bought this
little sketchbook with really smooth and super-thin paper,
which crinkles nicely when I fill the pages with biro pen.
Feels a bit like drawing on newspaper pages, 
which I love!



  1. God! I love your Vampire-Emo-guy with the running nose and the bloodstains on his pants. Love the way he moves. (°~°)

  2. Really funny pictures. Especially the shaved blonde with the rather realistic drift.. no also the nose-running guy.. ha nice!