The Transfiguration of 9/11

The TAZ asked me to make an illustration for the frontpage of their special issue dedicated the anniversary of 9/11. I started with some sketches. One idea was to visualize a weapon-fair booth, decorated with wreckage of the twin tower buildings. The second one (which I prefered) was a kind of „pop-art visualization“. We decided to work on this idea...

... and I did a pencil drawing mixed with some photocopied parts. The drawing should not only treat the remembering of the 9/11 event,...

..but also the new developements in weapons technology and face recognation (the USA produced a new combat aircraft called „Raptor“ and very spacy lookin anti-aircraft-aeroplanes in the last years).

Only some hours before printing the size of the (now colored) illustration changed from portrait to landscape. But during all modifications the image still keeps its fine pop-art-appeal.

- Dieter

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  1. very nice to see your working process from idea and rough sketches to final printed work. :)