We have drawn fictive vehicle sketches with my students this week in Cologne, inspired by the ones of Kim Jung Gi and Ian McQue. By drawing 'vehicles', you quickly get close to 'armed vehicles'.

Weaponry is a very problematic issue. Seeing the real impact that the armament industry has on many countries makes me feel disgust. But (or therefore) there can be reasons for an artist to face up this theme.

 The sketch above almost looks like an Army advertising, which is not my intention. Anyhow, tanks have a strong fascination to me. What is this fascination about? 

Just like Han Solo corresponds to the archetype of the Western cowboy, or maybe on a deeper level to the 'hunter', there's often something 'essential' in things or figures. There's so many odd versions of tanks - small, huge, powerful, more or less sophisticated and sometimes very absurd. Tempting me quite a lot to look for this essence.

Boris Servais

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