Out now is a new silkscreen accordion book by Poste Aérienne titled "Why Are We Sleeping?"

Thanks a lot to all participating Pilots of Poste Aérienne – Leen Van Hulst, Frederik Jurk, C.Pom, Adrian Wylezol, Cleo Schwinkowski, Ib Jorn, Boris Servais – and to our new Pilote d'Essai – Nadine Kolodziey.

This lovely three-color book (edited by Dieter Jüdt) is dedicated to the lunatic singer-songwriter Kevin Ayers.

 I've always liked this special existential melancholy in his music, his sense for harmonic nonsense and catchy refrains, his balancing between a friendly surrealism and sometimes dark expressionism. Not to forget his distorted bass guitar playing!

- Dieter

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  1. Hurray, for me it is a great charming project and I'm proud of involvement in this wonderful silkscreen book.
    Thanks to Dieter!