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The tradition of early reportage-drawing in Germany ended in 1938 when the Nazis took control over the sector of public image policy. In the USA, for example, this tradition enjoyed a longer life - magazines such as Life and National Geographic published illustrations from artists like Robert Weaver up through the 1970s.
Until now it‘s very unusual to use drawings for illustrated reports... so I was very interested, as mare - The Magazine of the Seas asked me if I‘d like to illustrate a longer non-fiction article about the Pacific Island of Guam (the island of snakes!).

Now you can find these illustrations in the current mare-Magazine, No. 71.

Greetings, Dieter


  1. Nice one! Great use of texture and highlighting ;)

  2. Really some of the best drawings I have seen from you. Well I have the pleasure to know the other mare-illustrations as well.