Similar (illustration friday)

These drawings are an experiment, initially coming from the desire for a more soulful technique. Black and white drawings can be strong but they're maybe more rational, it's rather the colour that speaks to the heart. 
So, similar linework, new technique.
I'm very curious about your opinion...

The first is a view of St.Excupéry's Southern Mail,
and this a new version of the Budapest drawing.

this shows the thermal bath of the famous Gellert Hotel,
a luxury hotel on Danube's banks. (hm, doesn't look
THAT luxurious on the sketch...)

(unfortunaty, this blogger changes the colour very much,
takes the yellow out of the images. Somebody knows how
to deal with this?)



  1. Well the last picture does not look as if the blogger took out the yellow. It is actually quite yellow. I really like them coloured with aquarell even if I am very good friend with your blackandwhite drawings too.

  2. ..i've increased the yellow to adjust it, but still, it gets different; less bright/shiny...

  3. ok I see... Sorry I do not know much about the possibilities and colour influence of the Blogger..

  4. This is great, Boris! Love your lines! Colors are bright and happy too.