New Layer - New Layer - New Layer (Head explodes)

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Here´s another quick work-in-progress shot
of my VAMOS childrens vacation cover submission.
I just read over the PDF a few days ago again and
I just noticed that the first three prizes win a pretty neat
amount of money. Of course, the noble
motivation of creating wonderful and inspiring
pieces of timeless art is reason enough, but
having fat stacks of cash roll into my bank
account puts a sugarcoating over it.

As I mentioned, it´s going to be a two-page
cover illustration, and I thought the little
front-and-behind view gimmick would be
neat here. I can´t remember when if I
ever drew a character from behind
(not with this much effort, anyways)
but I think it´s turning out pretty good
considering I make the anatomy up
as I go along (as you might have noticed,
her had is a bit smaller now, giving
her a more realistic expression).

There´s going to be a lot more
hanging on and coming out of her
backpack in the next few days,
hinting on the many different and
interesting things the kids and their parents
can do on the VAMOS trips.

Each new piece I do takes more and
more time, and this takes the crown -
I started it on March 28th, and we
still have a week to go. That´s
what I love about working digitally so
much right now - I can screw with
until I´m old and grey. If you´re
a perfectionist like me, this is
a very big timesink!



  1. i like the little details...
    for example the little dinosaurs on the child's shirt.
    can you see the stuff coming out of the bag only from the backside?

  2. Yeah, I saw the missing shovel on the front after I posted it - that´s why it´s still "in progress" ;)

  3. gebrauchtbootverkäufer13 April 2009 at 05:21

    but it would be funny the other way round too...