Comic Workbook

My new comic teaching book is ready now.

The book has a focus on the emotional -
psychologic side of creating comics,
and it's gonna be used in Belgian schools.

A first part shows basics of comic drawing
with step-by-step instructions,
I made the experience that children
feel very comfortable with these.

The separated booklet for teachers 
gives special advices about 'how to invent a story' 
and treats the possible emotional effects 
related to creativity and comics: 

Drawing can help us to consciously 
experience our emotions, we can use it 
as a 'valve' and as a medium for 
self expression.

The book will be printed next week,
available (in German) on my Website.


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  1. Hallo Boris, Deine Arbeit gefällt mir sehr gut! Sowohl didaktisch, als auch künstlerisch. Ich würde gern das gesamte Buch mal sehen.