Flyer-ing high

This is my flyer for our schools
annual exhibiton this summer.

Yeah, I admit it, I recycled the head
from a previous piece, but oddly
enough it looks much more in place here than
in the original drawing somehow...

Doing the highlights and tatoos was a lot of
fun and I´m surprised my ability to
draw halfway-realistic isn´t
completely rusted yet.

Handlettering, as usual. Lettering by hand
used to be my way of dealing with text
without having to know stuff about fonts
and layout programs (though I´m learning
about this more and more), but I really
like it as a quality on its own.



  1. great design as usual, can't wait to see your website!

    see ya



  2. High Frederik,
    it is very good to see your development from illustration to illustration. I like this one very much.
    Greets IB

  3. i like the half-realism of yours frederik.
    and i wanted to tell you that i really appreciate your commitment to this blog, mister-making-this-spot-a-really-nice-thing-to-look-at.