strange places

click to find the way

so i have been in hamburg since may the first.
yesterday i started to make mincemeat of all the stuff
that i experienced so far, in a graphical way.
the nice thing about hamburg is that you can almost
go everywhere by foot.
'though i lost my way quite often in the first couple of weeks, i really
enjoy to wander around the streets of hamburg.
with music in my ears, a bottle of "astra" in my hand and with
head wind blowing through my hair.

"sprötze" by the way is an outlying district of hamburg.
also very nice is "voßloch", "övelgönne" or "sasel".
i want to do some illustrations with all the
district or street names that i like.
we will see what i will discover in the future!
with one eye open.




  1. Nice one, cleo. Simple to the point. Very funny.

  2. thanks!
    its just a detail of a whole page of 2 minute drawings...
    everything that popped out of my brain...