Monster Limericks

Hi there!

I just finished my diploma book Monster Limericks, and you
might have been able to check it out if you dropped by our booth
this past Frankfurt Book Fair.

This has easily been my biggest project to date, and it
took me ages to find the right tone and direction for it - the
actual drawing (and writing!) part pretty much happened
in the usual super-intense couple of weeks.

I portrayed 7 monsters on two double-pages each, along
with hand-drawn limericks. I really enjoyed writing those,
mostly because this form of poetry always had this really
interesting, crass and silly quality, which was a perfect
match for my little misfits! 

The book is in german, but also contains rough english
translations in the back.

Check out more here:

You can also directly order them via



  1. Holy Ghost! Sieht super aus Frederik! Wie ist denn das Format, und wieviele Seiten hat das Buch denn? Auch sehr schön, die kleine Animation.

  2. Ja Freddy sieht echt gut aus. Schönes Thema für deinen Stil. Schön daß Du wieder "Aktiva" bist.
    Gruß IB