Half A Thunderstorm

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This is the a new illustration for our
classes "Poems for kids" project.
The poem (which translating to English would lead to all
kinds of trouble) is about the vowels going on
a vacation, leaving the "Thndrstrm"
very weak and awkwardly silent.

"Das O und alle drei E
Gingen auf Urlaubsreise.
Da knurrte das Dnnrwttr
Nur noch merkwürdig leise."
Josef Guggenmos

And while it LOOKS like it would make a lot of noise,
the soundwords translate into stuff like "Yawn",
"Peep", "Bubble", "Fart" and similar feeble sounds.

I´m very much into b/w pieces right now, it saves me A LOT of time,
but I also really start to appreciate the punchy contrast it has.
At first I though that b/w doesn´t fit well with illustration for
children, but it´s not like they need sugary sweet stuff in their
faces all the time, and besides, it´s not like
this motive is bleak in any way ;)

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  1. i like your half a thunderstorm, mister drawing done hard
    and i like the word awkwardly!
    and by the way, thank you for all the work you've allready done for this blog.