Posting about posters / Pretend (Illustration Friday)

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Get your diploma and be
king for a day. Or queen, obviously.


I somehow aquired the reputation of being a
very quick working student at my illustration
class, so it happens quite a lot that my
professor Bernd Mölck-Tassel asks
me if I want to put together a poster or
a quick illustration for certain projects, and
I ALWAYS say "Yes".

That all of a sudden lead to a thunderstorm
of deadlines (as I recently posted), and now I´m
almost at the finish line of this falls most
hectic time. So here are two posters I´ve been
working on in the last four days. The one
above is for our diploma party and the other
one is for the "Poems for kids" exhibition.

Compression makes this one look
ugly. So please click to enlarge!

Sometimes people attribute my style with
words like "easygoing" or "spontaneous", but
you can´t imagine the amount of Photoshop
trickery I used on the second poster. I also
tend to get a certain feeling of panic when the
days last remaining hours tick away as I
sit on my desk and have a complete creative
blackout. It also doesn´t help that I
want to produce work that I can be proud of,
so sometimes my high goals can block
me quite a bit.

But I have to say, the last few months
(making the book, the book fair and the
tight schedule after that) have been very
exciting, and I guess I learned how to
deal with tight deadlines a lot better now.

Hope you enjoy my new stuff ;)

-Frederik Jurk


  1. Impressive work, I think sometimes working in haste can be a good teacher.

  2. fantastic style!

  3. So good, you're so talented.

  4. Very interesting work you have here! Great design! Congratullations!

  5. Wow, your style is amazing. I like how you combine typography and illustration.
    Great works!

  6. You are smart to take each project that comes your way. These both have a fun feel to them. Nice work.

  7. Great works!
    Here, in my country, we say
    "Jurk, sos grosso!"('You are the King'or something like this)