Opinion (Illustration Friday)

Boris Servais


  1. The shirt with their logo on it is so incredibly widespread, I bet that only a fraction of the people knowing their name and logo actually know their music. I´ve heard very little of them either yet - and I used to listen to quite a lot of metal when I was younger. Sounds very straightforward and enjoyable ;)

    Do more of these drawn journal entries, they are so great!

  2. PS. We should rename us to "Pöste Äerienne".

  3. Hahahaa, what a great idea!! :)))

  4. Hey Boris,

    try the band "Hawkwind" in which Lemmy played until he was fired in 1972. This was real "primitve-biker-stuff-music". Today Hawkwind is mostly forgotten and Motörhead is declared as the band for the real bad guys. Ha ha.
    By the way, "motörhead" is the title of an old hawkwind-song.

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  6. "sounds straightforward"

    I think the world's a bit more complex than a metal musician might admit...
    Still this simplicity can be very enjoyable, from time to time ;)

  7. That's true. Simplicity can be great in music (think at the early Velvet U.,Spaceman 3 or some of the stuff Mogwai did).

    And Lemmy is one of the really good guys inside this disgusting music-business.