The God of Useless Stuff

Hi! Long time, no see!

Here’s a new sculpture that dwelled on my shelf for quite a while and that I finally finished these days.

Have a great day,


  1. Woaaahh, what a creepy figure!! Do you intend to paint this sculpture? I could imagine a kind of painting in the way of traditional Kachina-puppets. Surrealist Max Ernst collected a lot of these trad. indian puppets (I'm still fascinated in such ethnological-items).
    Perhaps this could give the figure a kick in a new and unexpectedly direction?

  2. Hi Dieter,

    thanks for the comment! Actually I planned this figure as a counterpart to my tatooed Icarus-guy. Since I have been reading some of C.G. Jungs writings lately, I feel drawn to more archaic images. Maybe because I really see a certain power in what he calls "the collective unconsciuous" - images that every human being carries within her-/himself and that reoccur in certain periods of life. Kind of what surrealists like Max Ernst where trying to tap with their work, without filtering through conscious decisions. At least up to the point when "technique" is involved to actually create an image.
    I will check out the Kachina-puppets. Did you see some of Bonnie To’s puppets? You might like them...

  3. I really like your posts about 3-dimensional objects here!

    (did I say it already?)