Ilustration Friday: "Flawed"

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This girl has a pretty flawed haircut!

Fun fact:
This is one of the very few times
I gave a character pupils. I think I´ll do
this more often as it gives her face a lot
more expression than without.

And here´s a litte bonus piece.
Hope you enjoy it. Have a great day
and comments are welcome ;)



  1. Interesting. Your illustrations getting increasingly a kind of japanese style (?)

  2. Well, I enjoy the simple yet expressive qualities some asian artists have - childrens books from Japan or Korea for example. Velocity also had a great deal of japanese videogame and comic influences. Though I think that the first character reminds you of a japanese style because of the figure itself looking asian, not so much the drawing style itself.

    I don´t like the flat generic cliche manga look, but I enjoy the everyday symbol characters you see on signs or packagings. I would certainly like to see how I can merge the "cute" drawing style with rougher western elements. In general I´ve always enjoyed elegant figures, and I adore japanese and chinese woodblock prints.

  3. Good-looking illustration. Impressive digital drawing - I mean, it looks rough-hewn and is also honest about being digitally created.