Noisepollution Poster 2009


Every year I am doing a poster for an alternative-music-festival near Frankfurt - here’s my version for 2009. Since the festival takes place in a very rural region, »cows« seemed an obvious choice for the motive. The manager of this event and I were wondering why we didn’t come across this idea the years before, after all the robots, skeletons, rock-chicks and cocaine & champagne (kidding a little bit) we had on the previous posters.
The little twist with the ufo-abduction came from my fascination with old-school-science-fiction, together with a certain style I identified as »steampunk«. The latter is not overly present in my design, but it really is worth checking out (I think): the amalgamation of victorian design with modern technology. You can find a lot of beautifully crafted objects on the net, where designers are trying to give computers, iPods, scanners,… the look of like it just came out of a Jules-Verne-novel. »The Golden Compass« has some nice production-design in that direction, too.

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  1. Yeah, Steampunk is great, I´ve seen quite some impressive computers built in that way, even a Mac Mini ;)


    One of my favourite arcade games, Progear No Arashi, has a great Steampunk setting too.


    Oh, and nice recent work you posted!