short story illustration

the Du kulturmagazin asked me to do an illustration of the short story "stickstoffdüngerfabrik" written by the chinese author Tian Er. the artwork was published in the march issue which is about identity and really has got some nice articles inside. i noticed once again that literature illustration is a thing i like to do a lot because it gives you kind of a frame by leaving you totaly free in what you do....



  1. Fine Illustration. Swiss magazin "Du" is a well known adress for modern illustation-art. Gratulation.

  2. Hi Max, I already saw the illustration on my trainride from Hamburg to Cologne in the actual magazine - looks terrific, especially in the large format of »Du«, it really pops out. Cool!


  3. Hello Max.
    I also like your illustration very much. Right that it is honoured by enough space and a good magazine. The last one I bought was about SOUL. Iread it from the first to the last page. very good mag. It has also had some very nice illus.
    Well done! Greets IB