Comic school

These months I'm producing a comic workbook with a focus 
on the emotional/ psychologic side of creating comics. 
Drawing can be a self expression, and can help 
to be understood and to better know others. 

The book has basics of comic drawing, and a pedagogic
part. It's gonna be used in schools (again in Belgium),
by teachers, and children...



  1. Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun. I can´t wait to see the finished product. Make sure to post some more of this as you go along!

  2. Hi Boris,

    the bug is hilarious! Love it!

    Drawing as an expression of self may be the first reason someone is drawn towards an artistic profession. I felt like that. And it turned out to be a rocky way, since it is really difficult to do and difficult to apply to the corporate world. The gap between professional work and "letting-go" is something I really struggle with.
    The playful approach, making yourself laugh, seems to be a good way to stay lighthearted.

    Looking forward to see more of your book!

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  4. very glad to hear this!

    Peter, I like your thoughts about art.
    What you say reminds me of Zen painting, where concentration and presence are needed to reach an authentic and powerful "flow" in the drawing / painting. This flow is effortless, but it's hard work to reach it...
    What's your experience?