Ni Hao!

I love to use letters and symbols in my work,
but very rarely do I actually aim to express
something with it - I just like the graphic
quality of symbols and fonts.

So today I was pondering
over what I could write on
that kids clothing, and I thought that
she (or he - I don´t know it myself, I tend
to draw sexually ambiguous characters)
looks very asian already so I went for
chinese. I looked these words up
on a wiki phrasebook page - "Ni Hao"
on the cap means "Hello", and the shirt
says "Monday".

Now that I look at it, it reminds
me of a group of little japanese preschoolers
I once saw on TV - they were all walking behind
their teacher in line and all wore the the same
brightly colored caps - the cutest thing I´ve
ever seen!



  1. It's great you use so many symbols in your work, and funny to hear, that it's actually not to express something with them.

    A friend works the opposite way, he uses books about the meaning of symbols and chooses them like this.
    I like your way of working; I prefer absurd compositions or texts, and this approach. Maybe it is intuitive?

  2. Yeah, I aim to create an immediate reaction, not to transport a certain meaning. I think these chinese letters have something optimistic about them, which fits to the characters facial expression. I think that´s why I also love to draw characters and faces the most - because we instantly react to it, as it´s part of our instinct.

  3. madarin character on shirt mean week, not "monday" if you want to say monday : it's 星期一