Herta, Berta und Frieda

 Since December '09, until I have had time to listen to the CDs 
"Atemschaukel", read some interviews and her 
Nobelprizespeech, Herta Müller is on my mind. 
Suddenly I would like to have a look at her home in Berlin, 
to see her wordselection and her created poetcards - but even when 
imagine the scene, the silence, the floorboard creaking, 
the speechlessness... 
I'm sure I should travel as a dusty raisin or fly.

I bought some handkerchiefs, 50 x 50 cm, gray, five pieces. 
They should be printed with "Herta-myth".


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  1. Hello cpom,
    nice to hear from you. A nice post. Do you send her one handkerchief? I would be curious how she reacts.