Two students, doing what students do

I´m working like a madman on this poster, and I´m at my full nightshift mode. Again, this is just a work-in-progress, as you can tell by the hand in the background for instance, but I thought it might be interesting. This is going to be a submission for a poster contest that´s being held internally at our school for our 40 year anniversay.

I realize my anatomy knowledge is a bit rusty, I had to resize the upper body of the boy a few times to get it right - however, I spent quite some time just trying to figure out what exactly was wrong his body ;)

So it´s almost 6am here and I´m going to say good morning to my girlfriend who will get up for her uni in about half an hour. Actually, I kinda enjoy this extreme, focussed, slightly asocial deadline rush quite a lot right now - as long as the creative juices don´t stop flowing. It´s easy to stay on track when you simply don´t have another choice ;) 

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  1. Hey, this one is so cute! I love the characters and the use of textures... :-)