The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration

„...the illustrations of Dieter Jüdt have an unmistakable air of romantic adventure comic and vintage texture, in the same line as the legendary Corto Maltese created by Huge Pratt in the sixties...“ Wow, sounds pretty good, right? „The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration“ a new 600 paged (!) compilation, published by maomao and Harper Collins, puts together a selection of worldwide
illustration art.

Ok, you can find some of the usual suspects there, but you can also check out the impressive work of new names like Laureen Nassef (USA), Matthieu Bessudo (F) or Yuko Shimiz (J). Every artist shows his work on 4 - 8 pages, accompanied by short descriptive texts (see above). The „Sourcebook“ is available since last Oct./Nov. (I bought one copy at a Berlin book-store).

This publication could be a cool project BUT, it seems that the publishers are not able, or willing, to send the contractually guaranteed free-copies to the artists - very annoying and unfair to all participants. Finally I asked maomao to send my copy within four weeks, in the meantime unfortunately I have to say:

Regards, Dieter


  1. My first tought is "how easy and cheap is to create a book with the work of others!"
    Things like this one makes me think three times before accept to collaborate with a project like that.
    Obviously I wish to receive my copy! (in the same way that I receive a payment doing my work)


  2. Some months later:
    It's in spanish but you could use GTranslator. It's about the book.