The Frans Masereel Centre

For some weeks I have the occasion to stay in the Belgian Frans Masereel Centrum near Antwerp.

They provide good facilities for silkscreen, letterpress, lithography and etching where I'm working. I didn't know anything about etching when I came here, and the first week I just struggled to learn the basics of aquaforte and aquatint. Etching really is a science and a world in itself. Now I already feel more comfortable, thanks to the instructors and my neighbour in the atelier, and I'm working on my first two images.

It's surprisingly international artists in residence here, there's people from New Zealand, Paris, London, Romania and Belgium at the moment. Each artist has his own bungalow, like on the photo above, and there's 3 extra beds for guests. Maybe next year, this could be interesting for some of us to come together?

Regards from Kasterlee,


  1. Frans Masereel, great Expressionist. Over years Zweitausendeins offered a fine book of his woodcuts, but the average german artbook-buyer wasn't very interested in stuff like this...
    Really great is his pretty modern looking series "Die Stadt" with its comicbooklike b+w style. Take a look at


  2. Yes that could be a great idea to come together in kasterlee!
    I like to go there too some day!