The Bloody Chamber


I just read a collection of tales by Angela Carter, »The Bloody Chamber«, and had some time on my hands to make an image that suits the tone of the title-story. The book is the author’s take on several well-known folk tales, only she has a very »adult« approach. Does anyone remember the movie »The Company Of Wolves« from the mid-80s? This is based on one of the tales and (still) quite a haunting movie...

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  1. I'm also very fascinated from ancient folk-tales. These stories are sometimes really weird and work regularly with different levels of significance. Far away from common Fantasy stuff.

    It's also remarkable that some young contemporary artists (from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe) try to integrate elements of traditional pattern or ornaments in their work. I think there is a special kind of archaic strength in both, folktales and -images

    By the way: "Company Of Wolves"/"Zeit der Wölfe" offers two of the strangest "man into wolf" transformation scenes of the filmhistory!

  2. Recently I introduced my students the work of famous graphic artist Heinz Edelmann. Coincidentally I ended my performance with this great book-cover of an Angela Carter novel:


    Well done, Heinz!

  3. This makes curious to read the book and to see this movie again. I`ve seen it a long time ago...
    Fairy-tales are of course a great source. I must not tell you that Fitchers Vogel, Blaubart and Die Gänsemagd are incredibly violent, but great surrealistic storys. Aspecialy the last, when the cut-off Head of the horse Fallada starts speaking..
    Nice drawing...
    And a funny Edelmann-bookcover by the way..