Ethnographic drawings #6

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These three guys from Oceania are part of my newest sketchwork. After some drawing-sessions at the Ethnological Museum Berlin-Dahlem, it become more and more difficult for me to discover new suitable figures of these special kind there. Now I think about to visit the Ethnological Museum of Hamburg and maybe (for a long weekend), together with some fellow draughtsmen, the highly recommended Tropenmuseum of Amsterdam.

Recently I stuck my nose deep into the artwork of grandmaster Moebius aka Jean Giraud and began to modify my (often very graphically) drawing-style with a kind of moebiuslike hatchings...



  1. Nice one,

    and it's never too late to get influenced by Moebius ;)

  2. Actually I bought my first Moebius-artbook in 1981 (it's still the best one). And I also like his Blueberry since its first german publication in the early seventies...

  3. The "Arzach" Comics have been a great inspiration during my studies... and I loved the absurd storytelling in "Le Garage Hermétique".

    What was the artbook called?

  4. It's only titled "moebius", subtitle "poèmes de moebius", published by Les Huamoides Associes in 1979. Long time out of print.

  5. Nice Moebius-influenced drawing. Moebius-influenza (na ja im Sinne von "Fieber"). Of course you are talking about one of the gods. He`s already 71. I hope he will stay some more time...