Finally finished

Today I‘ve completed the last page of our long-time (God, we worked more than four years on this book!) comicproject based on Berlin stories written by Verena Postweiler. At least our book will include 50 stories on 64 pages (see also here and there).

The whole project has got a pretty experimental approach - people from established german comic publishers were quite irritated. They couldn‘t understand that our comic works without main characters, continual storyline and comic speech. They were even irritated by the occasional use of colored (instead of black) line-drawings!

In the next weeks we‘ve to design the book, not to forget to determine the real book-title. Hope everything will work well so that the book will be published in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Greets, Dieter


  1. Looks promising. Great illustrations so far!

  2. wow! i hope to see it in real life soon! eagerly and curiously looking forward to...

  3. yes. Great drawings. I am also curious to see the book. A pitty that german comic-publishers seem to be quite narrow minded. But it could also mean, that you can place the book in other city-book-stores..

  4. Gratuliere! Großes Kapitel beendet-

    Wünsche Dir viel Erfolg!