Headliner Of Hearts

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Hi there!

I just finished the illustration and the layout of a CD for the adorable Excrementory Grindfuckers. The title is "Headliner Of Hearts" and the band & I decided to incorporate some circus-/sideshow-/freaks-of nature-images accordingly. Beside the fact that this is a theme with great texture, plenty of images to research and a lot of fun to illustrate, there are quite a few philosophical questions involved. If you are interested in topics like that, I highly recommend Tod Brownings »Freaks«.

Have a great day,


  1. Hi Peter!

    Great work! I like it a lot; All the different colours and techniques you combine in your images!

  2. Yes it`s really a great mixture of techniques. Very typical a P.H.-Work Freakshow! Toll. Is it a lot of Mac-adding or most analogue?

  3. Hey you 2,

    thanks very much for your kind words.

    In terms of technique: actually it is quite embarassing how much Photoshop was involved in making the images. Most of the bits and pieces are handmade, but the editing has been done excessively on my Mac. Sometimes I feel bad about that, since I feel like losing the ability to create a whole original, if I ever could.