Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - Work in Progress

In the last days I‘ve tried to work on my participation for Boris‘ Mikrokosmos-project. I had a lot of ideas, some exiting small concepts but none of them worked really well... The solution out of this unsatisfying state came with „Oh! Sweet Nuthin'“ - a classical song written by Lou Reed and to hear on the Velvets highly recommended „Loaded“ album. This dark and soulful ode to laziness inspired me (ironically) for a series of illustrations in a sometimes nearly abstract style. Here are the uncolored and (as yet) unfinished doublepages 4/5 and 8/9.

Greets, Dieter

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  1. ein guter Gedanke aus dem Quadratformat konsequent ein song mini booklet zu dietern.-super persönliche Idee!