Beefheart - again

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Last days I‘ve completed the “example-pages“ of the mentioned graphic novel „The Adventures of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band“, some conceptional work was also done. Now our book will be chaptered into three main parts:
1) The youth of Don and Frank (Zappa) - the originstory of Captain Beefheart 2) Trout Mask Replica (Recording sessions a.s.o.) and 3) the legendary concert at the Jahrhunderthalle Höchst, Frankfurt, Germany 1972.

It‘s really cool for me to work with author Carl-Ludwig Reichert. When I was 18 years old I discoverd his previous band, the bavarian „Sparifankal“ (which means something like „ naughty little devil“). Sparifankal was the only german beefheart-influenced music-group, they played a strange kind of „folkish garage rock“ - very unique at their time and today. C.L. also got a fine reputation as writer about popcultural issues. He published biographies of Frank Zappa, the Ducks, did some books about blues, folk and rock and translated lyrics of Jim Morrison and Bob Marley.

Now its time for us to contact various publishing houses - international publishers are welcome!



  1. Looks great! Nice font for the lettering - it fits the style very well.

  2. I' ve tried a lot of different fonts, but none of them worked really well - so I ended at least by using the ordinary Comic Sans (italic)! If this project will be realized I'd like to get real handlettering!