Ghosts, everywhere!

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Just a couple of days ago I realized
I haven´t done anything proper for
A WHOLE MONTH. Real life issues
and the christmas season caused my work routine
to take a nosedive - my girlfriend got a mechanical
heart valve (when I sit next to her without any other
sound sources I can hear it ticking like a loud
pocket watch), which was a preventive operation
since she´s got a heart defect since birth.
She´s very fine now and she´s going to be
much fitter after she gets back in shape,
but nevertheless it was quite a stressful
time and I´m either not the type or not
consistent enough in my work habits to
be able to get creative stuff done under
such stress.

Anyways, the second picture is a drawing
that´s a couple of years old, and I still
really enjoy it, so I´m planning on turning
this idea into a series of drawings and
maybe turn it into a little production run
of pocket-size booklets. I´m in the mood
of doing something lighthearted and I already
have some plans with these little ghosts here.
Hope you enjoy it!



  1. really a funny drawing, I like them too! very playful, the little ghosts!

  2. welcome back. All the best to your girlfriend, too!

  3. I like your cute ghosts a lot, especially the one in the toilet :)