Illustration Friday: "Contained"

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"Back then when kids used to play around
outside, fun also contained the
occasional pain."

This is what my stuff looks like when I
do some experiments digitally. I did some
scribbles on my new Wacom Bamboo Fun
(nice hardware!) yesterday but it all ended
up looking waaay too artificial, but this here
is something I´m pretty satisfied with.
I roughed up the smooth edges to give it
a more ripped paper look, and now that
I look at it it reminds me of the polish
I adore so much.

I used to be pretty anti-digital some
years ago, but I realized it´s not that
those two worlds are separate from each
other. By the way, I did this in GIMP,
the best alternative to Photoshop you
can get, and being Open Source software
it´s free of charge. Sorry, I had to
write a little advertisement here,
but I just love it ;)

In any case, this was a lot of fun
to do and I drew this pretty much non-stop.
Hope you enjoy it too!



  1. love it! i'm a nanny and always having to tell the boys to wear their helmets while they skateboard per parents orders and man, those kids hate helmets! and thanks for the tip about GIMP, will definitely check that out.

  2. Funny, very eerie too. I modern twist on "Three Little monkeys/jumping on the bed"

  3. Awesome! Love the way you draw and stylize. And yeah, when I was a kid, me and my brothers bled alot. It was fun!

  4. my kids still play outside--hey! Nice illo, it reminded me of Mexican wrestlers at first glance.

  5. Great style and imagination! I love it!

  6. Absolutely perfect!

  7. love it! I love the colours and the text and the feel of the piece. hel