Jitter 04 - Ian Miller

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One of my heros in illustration is the extraordinary british artist Ian Miller. His illustrations range from loose figure sketches in pencil and charcoal to pen and ink drawings of complex artefacts, twisted trees or strange mechanical animals. In many of his pictures there`s a sense of grotesque... I appreciate his work since his early books for Dragon Dream and his excellent drawings for „A Tolkien Bestiary“. His graphic-novel „The Luck in the Head“ is one of my all time favourites ever. I compiled a longer text about his work, techniques and career which will be printed (together with fine artwork) in the newest issue of „Jitter - Magazin für Bildgestaltung“.

The picture above is a kind of hommage to Ian Millers work. I‘ve made this image years ago, original used for an exhibition-poster of my comic-work.



  1. Impressive illustration!

    looks good in this small size, the technical details and the fine shades..

  2. Yeah! Sweet.

    I´m looking forward to reading your article, and the new issue in general ;)