Winged Monkey, now actually with wings

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So I finished my Jitter "Biester im Film" submission
I talked about earlier. Both characters are taken from
The Wizard Of Oz, Tin Woodman to the right.
We had to use this cinemascope widescreen format
in reference to the movie theme of the contest.
I initially wanted to use a lot more color, but
decided against it since I didn´t want to drown
the pencil texture, and so I kept it in this
very open style.

And now that I look at it again, Tin Woodman
gets beaten up quite badly...

Encyclopedia of Strange Things

My new book is right out: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Strange Things. Produced in Italy by a specialized printer for small-size books, it collects odd discoveries and inventions around nostalgic aviation, astronautics, time trips or science fiction warfare.

Distributed in the States by Last Gasp, it's also available on my website.

Boris Servais


Offenders Handbook

Claudia is currently working on the "offenders handbook".
These impressions and expressions will be
collected in an encyclopedic fashion and will
grow and evolve in the immediate future.
The single pages are crafted very differently,
but the common ground is the aspiration
of uniqueness.

Claudia Fries

Winged Monkey (not winged yet)

I´m currently working on a submission for the
"Biester im Film" (Monsters in movies) contest from the
new illustration magazine Jitter, right after that
I´m going to work on a piece for the "Russen" (Russians)
exhibition our friends at Rotopol Press are showing
from 14 nov till 28 jan, and right after THAT I´m finishing
two illustrations for our "Lyrik für Kinder" (poems for kids)
exhibition at the Catholic Academy that we´re working
on at our current illustration class with Bernd Mölck-Tassel
and Dieter Böge (who just released their wonderful new book
"Was tun?!" ("What to do?") that deals with different jobs
and professions, here´s a little preview)), and after
THAT we´re preparing book projects and print dummies
for the then upcoming Bologna Childrens art fair
AND I´m going to submit three more "Lyrik für Kinder"
pieces for the contest that runs at the same time.

Now that´s a lot of text and a lot of links and lots and
lots to keep my hands busy. My lazy days are
officially over, it seems ;)

Frederik Jurk


New Graphic Novel

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Currently I‘m working on a new graphic-novel (images above) in the tradition of early comic-strips. This book, working-title „Dogville-Berlin“, could be seen as a diary, which describes some different and strange aspects of life in capital-city Berlin. Together with my favourite author, Verena Postweiler, we 've been working on this project more than three years. It wasn‘t funny for us to find a publishing house in (comic-developing-country) Germany. The common comic-publishers expect adventures with big guns, sex & crime and very simple texts. I presume they were a little bit confused about our work...

Now our book will be available in spring 2009!

Dieter Jüdt


Visit us!

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Here is our official flyer for our booth at the
Frankfurt Book Fair 2008. Make sure to come by,
this year we´ll have our very first book edition
by no less than five of our members ready
for your pleasure. See you there!

Max Ruf

"samsung. technologies designed to enrich." three coloured silkscreen printed fanzine. since he started the "hunt" project in march 2008 max ruf is working on the series" samsung srg-a1. who are you and what do you want. "as he usually preferes to paint acrylic on canvas or mixing it with collage he this time works on an additional project using his little self built silkscreen studio. for more information: www.maxruf.com