Frankfurt Book Fair 2010

Like the last few years we´re
going to the Frankfurt Book Fair again this year,
with more new stuff than ever before!
We´re also going to come there with more people
than ever before, so a good time is pretty
much guaranteed. Make sure to write
down our booth number, drop by,
say Hi, and check out what we´ve
done during the last year.

As the main new publication we´re
presenting our new series of minibooks
"Mikrokosmos" (Microcosm), where a
whooping 12 different artists from all over the world
have contributed to, each with their own
little two-color book. Aside from that we again
have the full range from compilation books to
postcards to buttons to prints, so our little
booth will be stuff to the top this year!

See you there!

Poste Aérienne proudly presents:

· M I K R O K O S M O S ·
12 artists from Belgium, Germany,
Canada and Columbia explore their personal
illustrated world in a 12 pages miniature booklet:

Boris Servais · Cléo Schwinkowski

Henrik Drescher

Frederik Jurk · Peter Hoffmann

Felix Scheinberger

Dieter Juedt · Antje Herzog


Max Fiedler · Leen Van Hulst

Jim Pluk

The books are printed - in two pantone colors
on fine Munken paper - by a specialized printer
for miniature books in Italy.

We're very excited to present the collection
next week on the Frankfurt Book Fair
and hope to see you there!

Kind regards, Boris


Still Gulliver

Harmonizing with my Mikrokosmos #9 I'll present on the 
bookfair 2010 in Frankfurt 
an edition of GULLIVERS REISEN 
(Emil Vollmer Verlag, 1960 ).

It is  decorated with about 45 illustrations, 
copies from Grandvilles engravings and in addition to 
them a few insects as a reference to the London 
intellectual group round Jonathan Swift 
(Alexander Pope, Dr. John Arbuthnot,...)



Some illustrations in pink

Here is a series of new illustrations - front page and some text accompanying drawings -

- done last week for the past weekend-issue of the TAZ.

Greets, Dieter


New monster studies

Some new drawings for a humoristic book about occultism,
ill will and strange creatures include this fellow:

Historians assume that elephant skulls could be at the origin
of the cyclops legend. These skulls have a hole in the front,
at the place of the trunk (elephant nose). Due to a lack of
anatomy knowledge, this hole was maybe interpreted as
cavity of the eye...

Regards, Boris


Robots Reimagined

Hi there,

just a quick one, I am on my way to a canoe ride near Berlin: I made some full-color-versions of the robots I drew for our edition. The fractals in the background are a nice feature that Illustrator provides.