On Air - Mirna Loy

Electrified violin, electric guitar, drums, loops and tapes were the tools of berlin based impro-group Mirna Loy. From 2003-2006 we've played a lot of (sometimes adventurous) gigs at different locations around Berlin, from lounge-concerts at the „Klub der Polnischen Versager“ to rather noisy events like the „Against-Popkomm-Festival“.

Now you can hear one title of our cd „Dogs“ on 01.01. at BR 2 radio program „Nachtsession“, between 00:05 und 2:00 h!

I did a lot of designwork for Mirna Loy - concert-posters, flyer, cd-packages a.s.o. Here are some excerpts...

Greets, Dieter


Joyful Messages - TAZ

Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone of you will enjoy this time of rest and celebrate this season of giving.

I‘m also relaxing after immense hardworking weeks. The last illustration-job of this year required the making of six various collages, a mix of drawings and photographies, for the christmas issue of the TAZ. Images and text circle around the festive term of the „Joyful Message“.
The shown doublepaged collage tells the remarkable story of finnish shepherd Kalevi Paadar (based on a photo by Kirsten Küppers).

Best wishes,



One of my latest illustrations.
The Dutch magazine Zone 5300 asked me to make
an illustration for an article
about the German music band Kraftwerk.

I really enjoyed to make this.
It's similar to the stuff I did for our book
45 - A single cover album and also funny it's a German band.



Watercolor Studies

Hi there,

I just tried to get started again with watercolor, which always has been a pleasure to work with and my NEMESIS at the same time. It feels so good when everything seems to naturally fall in place. And then nothing is as frustrating as a watercolor-painting that just doesn’t work out right, no matter what you try. Here are a few portraits I made here and there. I am not entirely lifting my skirt here, a few messups went straight to the garbage can.

By the way, I recently started working with an Intuos tablet (A5 wide) - feels great!

All the best,


naive tree ⋄ little garden

new work and colour study:
It's inspired by an oriental pattern,
I'll soon start a book or series in a similar style.

With regards, Boris


„45“ - Limited Linocut + Book-Edition

„45 - A Single Cover Album“ is now available together with a special linocut-print. Claudia (C.Pom) did a limited number of 24 two-colored handmade prints, a variation of her fine illustration to Nina Simones „Blue Little Girl“ recordsleeve.

click to enlarge

You can get this special edition (book + print) exclusive at Supalifekiosk, Berlin, and at Bookstore Ile De Re, Trier.