Freshly out is our first hardcover-book (84 pages printed in deepest black and white!). At the invitation of Poste Aérienne, 23 illustrators, graphic designers and book artists created astonishing new designs of their favourite vinyl single covers.
“45 - A Single Cover Album” not only reveals a cross-section of the currently booming young illustrator scene, it’s also a design homage to the 7“ record.

From early fifties recordings of Nina Simone, over the psychedelic years with The Beatles and Captain Beefheart to some seventies stuff like David Bowie and Black Sabbath, to New Wave with Joy Division and Gary Numan until current independent acts like Bonnie „Prince“ Billy or Weilheim‘s The Notwist (to mention but a few).



Desktop Magazine

Hi again,

the Australian magazine »Desktop:« put the piece I made for the »7 Reasons…«-fanfold on the cover of its october-issue and an interview inside. You can read an excerpt online here, I’ll post some scans when I got the printed samples. Big whopping thank-you to Jo Spurling for this oppurtunity!

Have a great day,


Frankfurt Book Fair 2009

This years book fair went over really
quickly - at least that´s how it felt to me.

With our freshly printed "45 - A Single Cover Book",
our serigraphy leporello "7 Reasons Not To Travel",
our works from last years as well as an abundance
of postcards and prints, our booth certainly had
stuffed shelves this time.

A lot of friends and colleagues dropped by this
years as well - I was surprised how our booth was
literally filled and surrounded with people at times,
and lots of stimulating conversations
filled our little space.

Not to mention that Frankfurt itself is a city
that I personally find visually interesting!

By the way, check out the works
of our groups newest member,
the belgian artist Leen Van Hulst.

Cheers, and see you all next year!


Hey there!

A couple of weeks ago, a band asked me to make an illustration for their next CD. »Draw us zombie-style!«, they said. And who am I to hesitate a second to exactly do that with such a beautiful concept. Too bad I missed the last zombie-walk in Cologne.



Fluffy Little Things


These are some characters I developed for a console-game. Aren’t they cute?



Poste Aérienne at the Frankfurt Fair 2009

click to enlarge

Poste Aérienne is back at the Frankfurt Book Fair
for the third time already and we´re packing more
new and fresh work than ever! Hall 4.1 is
reserved for book art and independent
illustration from all over the world. It has
been a very good time the last two
years and we´re all looking
forward to this exciting event again.

So please drop by, check out
our line-up, and have a little talk.

See you there!


Dealing the cards

I finally got around to print two of
my new pieces as postcards. When I uploaded
them to my favourite online printers website
I noticed the little checkbox option
"rounded corners". It was just a couple
of euros more so I just went for it, and what
a difference it makes! I was thinking
and thinking about what these remind me
of - I know rounded corners were kind of
popular during the 80s - but then I realized
that they resemble playing cards! (Well,
if they were they would be very oversized,
but maybe basketball pro players
could handle these.)

If you´re going to visit us at our
booth at the Frankfurt fair (Info to the left!)
you can check them out. And don´t be afraid - since
they have no pointy edges they are
perfectly safe ;)


Finch, Finch

I am still working on the DARWINTHEME.
On the one hand I think everything is said by
the others in so many books and reports,
but it was my own decision that made me choose this
theme and I hope I will show somthing special
with a personal visual point on Darwin at the bookfair '09.