On Air - Mirna Loy

Electrified violin, electric guitar, drums, loops and tapes were the tools of berlin based impro-group Mirna Loy. From 2003-2006 we've played a lot of (sometimes adventurous) gigs at different locations around Berlin, from lounge-concerts at the „Klub der Polnischen Versager“ to rather noisy events like the „Against-Popkomm-Festival“.

Now you can hear one title of our cd „Dogs“ on 01.01. at BR 2 radio program „Nachtsession“, between 00:05 und 2:00 h!

I did a lot of designwork for Mirna Loy - concert-posters, flyer, cd-packages a.s.o. Here are some excerpts...

Greets, Dieter


Joyful Messages - TAZ

Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone of you will enjoy this time of rest and celebrate this season of giving.

I‘m also relaxing after immense hardworking weeks. The last illustration-job of this year required the making of six various collages, a mix of drawings and photographies, for the christmas issue of the TAZ. Images and text circle around the festive term of the „Joyful Message“.
The shown doublepaged collage tells the remarkable story of finnish shepherd Kalevi Paadar (based on a photo by Kirsten Küppers).

Best wishes,



One of my latest illustrations.
The Dutch magazine Zone 5300 asked me to make
an illustration for an article
about the German music band Kraftwerk.

I really enjoyed to make this.
It's similar to the stuff I did for our book
45 - A single cover album and also funny it's a German band.



Watercolor Studies

Hi there,

I just tried to get started again with watercolor, which always has been a pleasure to work with and my NEMESIS at the same time. It feels so good when everything seems to naturally fall in place. And then nothing is as frustrating as a watercolor-painting that just doesn’t work out right, no matter what you try. Here are a few portraits I made here and there. I am not entirely lifting my skirt here, a few messups went straight to the garbage can.

By the way, I recently started working with an Intuos tablet (A5 wide) - feels great!

All the best,


naive tree ⋄ little garden

new work and colour study:
It's inspired by an oriental pattern,
I'll soon start a book or series in a similar style.

With regards, Boris


„45“ - Limited Linocut + Book-Edition

„45 - A Single Cover Album“ is now available together with a special linocut-print. Claudia (C.Pom) did a limited number of 24 two-colored handmade prints, a variation of her fine illustration to Nina Simones „Blue Little Girl“ recordsleeve.

click to enlarge

You can get this special edition (book + print) exclusive at Supalifekiosk, Berlin, and at Bookstore Ile De Re, Trier.




Hi everyone,

After a succesfull participation at the Frankfurter bookfair,
with Poste Aérienne, I'm glad to be a member of
this collective with very good illustrators and graphic designers

Especially for the bookfair, I've made a small edition
of 20 little handmade books called 'Portraitfolio'.
It shows a collection of portraits I've done in the last few years.

You can see more at my website:



Desktop Magazine II

• Click to enlarge. Those curious few who would actually like to read the text can click again on the big image, at least with Firefox... •

Hi everyone,
here’s the full interview I mentioned below. It is quite a motivation for me to be productive again. I was somewhat undecisive what to do in the last two weeks, besides a few sketches, some butter-and-bread-jobs and the nagging »I-have-to-update-my-website-soon«-bug that is in my head, I haven’t done something substantially lately. Well, the time will come...

Warm regards, Peter


New Kids On The Blog

click for full widescreen fun!

I was a bit undecisive on what to do with
my "kids with animal masks" pieces I did a few weeks
ago - first the wolf on the kart and the pig on
the trike (boy, that sounds weird), followed by the
duckboy and the kid in the lion costume.

Since the Bologna childrens book fair is around the
corner and thankfully our school has later deadlines
for submissions for the exhibition that happens
parallel to the main fair, I thought that they looked
so nice in a group and made a fifth kid, the
boy with the raccoon mask on the far left.

I did some minor corrections on the older pieces,
most prominently a light yellowish paper tone (to
counteract the sometimes a bit harsh looking contrasts),
but I was surprised how well they fit together, considering
that I never really planned them to be a series.

In other news, here´s a pretty big piece I did for
a new exhibition at Rotopol in Kassel with
the topic "Secret Service". I was going a bit
crazy with the accesoires on this one, and it turned
out more like a mix between a spy, a policeman
and a cowboy. I´d say that this is one of the most
complex pieces I did till now (in terms of
layers and single elements). I wouldn´t want
everything I do to be this evolved, but I´m quite
happy with it. (Finally one of my drawings has some
sort of background - something I almost always have




TTC Gallery from Denmark have published a
large collection of zines from around the world.

It has a focus on the - let's say insane side of zines,
lots of deviant energy, but also playful ideas, and
it presents my Encyclopedia and Varanasi books.


Ethnographic drawings #5

Some new character from the South-Sea-Collection of the Ethnological Museum, Berlin Dahlem.

Greets, Dieter


Fontnames illustrated

This is just a little re-use of an illustration I once did for SLANTED, a Typo-magazine. They decided to make a calender with all illustrated fontnames (
http://www.freistil-online.de/einzigartig-fontnames-illustrated-calender-2010). It was very succesfull at the bookfair (as the publisher tells) and is now available and well done.
Regards IB



The fascination of diorama, miniatures and installations
inspired this little wooden box. Feels like I'll probably
do some more three-dimensional things.

Greetings, Boris


Belletristik #09 - Special Edition

Belletristik - magazine for literature and illustration - has published a special edition accompanying the festival Zeitkunst (a small festival of chamber music and contemporary literature) which has taken place from 07- 08th November at the Villa Elisabeth, Berlin.

I was asked to make the doublepaged cover-illustration and I have to say, that I really like the final version, printed in b/w and gold (sic)...

Greets, Dieter



Freshly out is our first hardcover-book (84 pages printed in deepest black and white!). At the invitation of Poste Aérienne, 23 illustrators, graphic designers and book artists created astonishing new designs of their favourite vinyl single covers.
“45 - A Single Cover Album” not only reveals a cross-section of the currently booming young illustrator scene, it’s also a design homage to the 7“ record.

From early fifties recordings of Nina Simone, over the psychedelic years with The Beatles and Captain Beefheart to some seventies stuff like David Bowie and Black Sabbath, to New Wave with Joy Division and Gary Numan until current independent acts like Bonnie „Prince“ Billy or Weilheim‘s The Notwist (to mention but a few).



Desktop Magazine

Hi again,

the Australian magazine »Desktop:« put the piece I made for the »7 Reasons…«-fanfold on the cover of its october-issue and an interview inside. You can read an excerpt online here, I’ll post some scans when I got the printed samples. Big whopping thank-you to Jo Spurling for this oppurtunity!

Have a great day,


Frankfurt Book Fair 2009

This years book fair went over really
quickly - at least that´s how it felt to me.

With our freshly printed "45 - A Single Cover Book",
our serigraphy leporello "7 Reasons Not To Travel",
our works from last years as well as an abundance
of postcards and prints, our booth certainly had
stuffed shelves this time.

A lot of friends and colleagues dropped by this
years as well - I was surprised how our booth was
literally filled and surrounded with people at times,
and lots of stimulating conversations
filled our little space.

Not to mention that Frankfurt itself is a city
that I personally find visually interesting!

By the way, check out the works
of our groups newest member,
the belgian artist Leen Van Hulst.

Cheers, and see you all next year!


Hey there!

A couple of weeks ago, a band asked me to make an illustration for their next CD. »Draw us zombie-style!«, they said. And who am I to hesitate a second to exactly do that with such a beautiful concept. Too bad I missed the last zombie-walk in Cologne.



Fluffy Little Things


These are some characters I developed for a console-game. Aren’t they cute?



Poste Aérienne at the Frankfurt Fair 2009

click to enlarge

Poste Aérienne is back at the Frankfurt Book Fair
for the third time already and we´re packing more
new and fresh work than ever! Hall 4.1 is
reserved for book art and independent
illustration from all over the world. It has
been a very good time the last two
years and we´re all looking
forward to this exciting event again.

So please drop by, check out
our line-up, and have a little talk.

See you there!


Dealing the cards

I finally got around to print two of
my new pieces as postcards. When I uploaded
them to my favourite online printers website
I noticed the little checkbox option
"rounded corners". It was just a couple
of euros more so I just went for it, and what
a difference it makes! I was thinking
and thinking about what these remind me
of - I know rounded corners were kind of
popular during the 80s - but then I realized
that they resemble playing cards! (Well,
if they were they would be very oversized,
but maybe basketball pro players
could handle these.)

If you´re going to visit us at our
booth at the Frankfurt fair (Info to the left!)
you can check them out. And don´t be afraid - since
they have no pointy edges they are
perfectly safe ;)


Finch, Finch

I am still working on the DARWINTHEME.
On the one hand I think everything is said by
the others in so many books and reports,
but it was my own decision that made me choose this
theme and I hope I will show somthing special
with a personal visual point on Darwin at the bookfair '09.



Who said »Petit Prince«?


This is a CD-packaging I worked on two weeks ago. It is for a jazz-trio – »Kahiba« - and a nice mix between graphic-design and illustration. The central motiv is based on so-called »
stereographic images« or »little planets«, a photographic technique which I did not have the time to scope out entirely, but really enjoyed looking at. In the end, this is more a graphic-design-job, but it had its moments...



Salon F.L.T.M.

Discovering Eisbär magazine (scroll down), meeting fellow countrymen and watching sweded movies made part of a great day in Lille last weekend. The public has shown keen interest in our work and it was a pleasure to discuss similarities and differences with French independent comics.

barbecue atmosphere at l'hybride:
Almost each person you see here is an artist!




Here comes a recently coloured new comic-strip about a couple tortured by insomnia. This short story (part of our Berlin-Graphic-Novel) works even without words!
Greets, Dieter


45 - Book Design

In the last days we've (Peter and I) worked intensively on the book design of the next Poste Aérienne publication -

Now we are very satisfied how all elements - the typo, the varied illustrations in different styles - fit together. Here are some snapshoots of our working-sessions.

Greets, Dieter

Graphzine Festival in France!

On saturday 26th, the "Salon Fais-Le-Toi-Même" opens its doors
in Lille (F).

For the second time, this unique event will show
- self-published books, silkscreen prints and fanzines -
- independent labels -
- short movies and animations -
all "Do-It-Yourself".

On this very sympathic fair I'll present our artist books
and new leporello. If you like to discover latest
underground art from Paris, Brussels, London,
Canada even, come by and have a look.

Uh - you live a 900 km away?

Greetings, Boris


Paper Clip Animals

Another page of my current project
which I am still working on,
A book for children, written by
Hendrikje Grossmann

Regards Adrian!

TAZ - One Year Lehman Crisis

click to enlarge

The TAZ produced a special edition about consequences and results (and new perspectives) of the current economic crisis. I did the cover-illustration.



Illustration Friday: "Welcome"

click to enlarge

"I welcome you with a ROOOAAAR!"

I made quite some progress on this piece today,
I´d say it´s 80% finished. After a couple of
weeks of pretty bad work routines I feel that
I´m now back on track ;)



Manchmal ist Jonas ein Löwe

click to enlarge

"Sometimes Jonas is a lion" is a book by the german
childrens book writer Kirsten Boie, and I´m doing
an illustration for it. I wasn´t familiar with her work before
reading this one but it´s very sensitive and it
gave me an astounding feeling of what it
was like to be a young kid.

Right now this boy looks pretty girlish,
but on the other hand I think it´s more interesting
to have it more ambivalent, since this book
speaks to and about kids in general and not just boys.

(More regular viewers might recall this face from
an older illustration, but well, this has to be done soon
so I do some light recycling again...)



Illusive 3


The current issue of the »Illusive«-annual features some of my illustrations in the »Towards Painting«-chapter. Feels fine after having to kill myself with graphic-design-works in the last couple of months.