New TAZ-Illustration

Sexual and emotional addiction, the currently strong discussed abuse of minors are the essential points in a text written by Andrea Roedig, published this monday by daily newspaper TAZ. I did one accompanying illustration...

- Dieter


The Beast

Hey there,

here’s another piece I made for fun after »The Bloody Chamber« by Angela Carter. Well, occasionally it wasn’t fun at all, I struggled with the initial drawing. I am really excited about this book, it has it all: sex, pulp villains, great texture and a lot of cross-references and symbols. In fact, there is more detail in each story than I actually understand - an invitation to learn more about the signs and symbols around us, since this is what can enhance our conscious everyday live...

See you soon,


Post-structural Feminism

Yes, I know, very mature...





I would like to introduce my new project - a project with a more experimental approach. Since some time I keep a dream diary. Every morning, even before I open my eyes, I write and sketch down what I've just had dreamed. Later, during the day, I refine the sketches with brush and drawing pen. All that must be done very fast, in order to reproduce the dream authentically.




MAYBE, you are right
words without thoughts never to heaven go.... Right, shall we start?



I´m somehow obsessed with drawing sporty, indie
tattooed girls recently, and this is pretty much the culmination
of it. I also really love the "image within image" element
of giving my characters tattoos. I´m not really a tattoo
guy myself but I love the whole concept of it - 
illustrating the body, symbolizing things on the
most intimate thing you have.

Without giving away too much, I´m playing with
the idea of turning this into a book project for
my upcoming diploma - it´s also going to have
a sports theme, but again, details are classified
right now ;) 

Well, my diploma doesn´t have to be
finished till summer 2011, but that should give me
enough time to really think this through!


Ewig Sinnlos

"Die gelbe Reihe des ewig Sinnlosen". I really like to do those collages. Remembering Hannah Höch, -  Max Ernst, John Heartfield.....

The words and images on cards are timeless, ironical thoughts and slogans on DUDEN/CARTOON - YELLOW. May be you call it "Postmodern" a la
TOCOTRONIC but in any case it is a small by-product that comprises eleven cards at the moment.



Side Project

····· Click to enlarge ·····

Dear all,

in the last two weeks I had to be very busy with doing graphic-design, so there was little time for the fine arts. Nevertheless I had my sketchpad with me and drew some intuitive shapes during the usual wait loops. In the end they had a certain architectural look and turned out to make a nice row. And - I like the 80s-»Heavy Metal«-feel about it.

Have a great day,

Deutsche Vita

this is one page (of a four-paged sequence), from a new short graphic novel.
With this I take part at the Fumetto Competition in Luzern, this year.
The subjekt was I+you=we