Hello back

Hello my dear aerienners,
after a longer break I am back now and happy to be with you again. I start on the blog with a ceramic I did for myself. I like this material.
It is really great to make things that last . Sand and glas.

Hugs and greetings IB


Robert Johnson again

Now I've finished my Robert Johnson illustration (here‘s the preparing pencildrawing) - with an accompanying text by Carl-Ludwig Reichert.

Nice Weekend


Die ganze Welt und ein Paar neue Schlittschuhe

Happy new year to all of you
and I wish your deepest dreams come true.



Lazy Sunday - Work in progress

Recently I did this pencil drawing as part of a new bookproject. I used some details of an old photography showing legendary Bernd Witthüser smoking, relaxing...

- Dieter


Happy New Year in the Zoo

birdie front

birdie backside

Dear Friends and "Kollegen",

I hope this year will start off lighter than the last one ended.
My Computer still is in the garage. Repair shop, that is.
Befor x-mass I was double diseased at once.
I had no contact with the digital world at all except
at office, where I spend most of my time latetly.
Therefore I will post some work I did for the letterpress-cards-firm
I work for. And because my very best friends are 9 week old parents,
I decided to show some of the babycard layouts I made last year.

MORE TIME FOR ILLUSTRATION is my only new year's pledge.



giraffe front

giraffe inside

whale front

squirrel front


The Fantastic Mr. Fox

First of all a happy 2011! This is the year of the hare (in the chinese calendar), nevertheless I started 2011 with the drawing of another favourite animal of mine.

To celebrate the beginning of the new year german newspaper TAZ invited 20 writers and 20 artists (including also Detlev Beck, Lars Henkel, Doro Huber, Vitali Konstantinov, Rinah Lang, Henning Wagenbreth) to illuminate their special view on our present time. An optimistic view under the slogan „Schön, hier zu sein“.

Greets, Dieter